Track your progress on Insane in the Membrane

Now you can track your progress toward Insane in the Membrane by logging into this site with View criteria details for each reputation and quest completion data right within the guides.

UPDATE: Some people who tried to log in between last night and this morning were unable to see their characters. This was due to a problem on my server, and it should be fixed now. If you logged in before this notice and don’t see your characters, log out of this site, then log in again.

Way back at the release of Mists of Pandaria, the hack that most people had been using in-game to track their progress toward Insane in the Membrane broke, along with the Feat itself. The Feat was eventually fixed, but the detailed tracker was not fixed, and it was removed entirely with the release of Warlords of Draenor.

Now it’s back. On my sidebar.

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Linux support coming for Blizzard games?

An interesting fact has emerged regarding the Mists of Pandaria beta (and the Diablo III beta) that most fansites are going to have missed. Buried deep within the launchers for these two beta games is Qt, a cross-platform application framework. Qt is well known to Linux users since it forms the foundation of KDE, one of the two major Linux desktop environments. Continue reading “Linux support coming for Blizzard games?”