Insane Guides Update for Legion Pre-Patch

Insane in the Membrane guides are now mostly updated for changes made in the Legion pre-patch 7.0.3.

I’ve mostly finished updating the Insane in the Membrane guides for the Legion pre-patch.

The updates are mostly minor, and I will have further updates after the full expansion drops on August 30.

  • The Travel guide now reflects the removal of various minor glyphs that affected travel for druids and shamans.
  • The Reputation Bonuses guide now has 2016 holiday dates.
  • The Ravenholdt guide reflects the fact that rogues must now be in melee range to pick pockets.
  • The other faction reputation guides received very minor updates.

Since Blizzard forgot to send me a Legion beta key, I will not have all updates available on Legion release day. Since I want to play the expansion myself and get as far as possible right away, expect further updates to the guides within the first couple of weeks after release.