Timbermaw Hold

Updated for Patch 7.3.5

As the last uncorrupted furbolg tribe, the Timbermaw seek to preserve their spiritual ways and end the suffering of their brethren.


0/1000 Exalted is required for and .


A max-level player can complete this reputation in less than an hour, if no one is competing with you for mobs; less than two hours otherwise. Unfortunately it no longer includes the epic ending Alliance [Quest #8484] / Horde [Quest #8485] that players who obtained Exalted prior to Cataclysm experienced. The reputation gains for everything relating to Timbermaw Hold have been doubled twice during WoW’s history, which is why the reputation gains have strange numbers. Except for two breadcrumb quests, all of them are exactly four times what they were originally.


Characters created during or after Cataclysm start out with Unfriendly with Timbermaw Hold and can pass freely through their tunnels without being attacked. If you created your character before the Cataclysm, your reputation with Timbermaw Hold may be below Unfriendly. This shouldn’t be a serious issue as you will receive a large amount of reputation early on. The guide below notes where you will need to be Unfriendly or higher before proceeding.

Before starting, you should obtain 30 Runecloth and, if you are a tailor, 2 Mooncloth, and bring them with you.

Felwood, Deadwood Village

The Timbermaw Hold quest line begins at the Emerald Sanctuary in Felwood. These quests are required to unlock the high-reputation repeatable item turn in quests in Felwood.

Quest Reputation Items
A Talking Totem +300 Timbermaw Hold
Ruumbo Demands Honey +1000 Timbermaw Hold
Ruumbo Demands Justice +1000 Timbermaw Hold Loot all mobs for Deadwood Headdress Feather
Dance for Ruumbo! +1000 Timbermaw Hold Dismount before accepting this quest

If you have not yet reached Unfriendly with Timbermaw Hold, do the following repeatable quest until you reach Unfriendly. If you have reached Unfriendly or higher, save your feathers for turn-in later.

Quest Reputation Items
Feathers for Grazle +2000 Timbermaw Hold 5 Deadwood Headdress Feather

Felwood, Irontree Clearing and Talonbranch Glade

Two breadcrumb quests leading to the remainder of the Felwood quests can be picked up here, if you have completed your faction’s quest lines in these areas. Since each grants only 25 reputation, they can be skipped.

Quest Reputation Items
Alliance The Timbermaw Tribe +25 Timbermaw Hold
Horde Timbermaw Hold +25 Timbermaw Hold

Felwood, Felpaw Village and Timbermaw Hold

The quests continue at the northern end of Felwood. These quests are required to unlock the high-reputation repeatable item turn in quest in Winterspring.

Quest Reputation Items
Stupid Drizle! +1000 Timbermaw Hold
Deadwood of the North +1400 Timbermaw Hold Loot all mobs for Deadwood Ritual Totem and Deadwood Headdress Feather
Disarming Bears +1000 Timbermaw Hold 7 Deadwood Weapons on the ground
The Chieftain's Key +1400 Timbermaw Hold

Continuing the quest line requires Neutral reputation. If you have not yet reached Neutral, grind furbolg and turn in feathers until you do. If you have reached Neutral or higher, turn in any feathers you have left over.

Quest Reputation Items
Feathers for Nafien +2000 Timbermaw Hold 5 Deadwood Headdress Feather

Before you leave for Winterspring, pick up this breadcrumb quest:

Quest Reputation Items
Speak to Salfa +100 Timbermaw Hold

Timbermaw Hold

Inside the tunnels of Timbermaw Hold, complete the following quests:

Quest Reputation Items
Runecloth +1000 Timbermaw Hold 30 Runecloth
Sacred Cloth +1000 Timbermaw Hold 2 Mooncloth
Requires Tailoring (250)
Deadwood Ritual Totem +1400 Timbermaw Hold Deadwood Ritual Totem

Winterspring, Timbermaw Hold

Speak to Salfa here and pick up the next quests. Do not complete them, but only pick them up and then move on to Donova Snowden.

Quest Reputation Items
Delivery for Donova +75 Timbermaw Hold Not available if you completed Alliance Hero's Call: Winterspring! or Horde Warchief's Command: Winterspring!
Winterfall Activity +1400 Timbermaw Hold 10 Winterfall Spirit Beads

Pick up the next two quests from Donova Snowden just down the road, and then complete both them and the one you received from Salfa. Then continue with the quest line.

Quest Reputation Items
Threat of the Winterfall +1400 Timbermaw Hold Loot Winterfall Spirit Beads
Falling to Corruption +1000 Timbermaw Hold
Mystery Goo +1000 Timbermaw Hold
Winterfall Runners +1000 Timbermaw Hold
Scalding Signs +1400 Timbermaw Hold
High Chief Winterfall +2000 Timbermaw Hold Loot Crudely-Written Log
The Final Piece +1000 Timbermaw Hold Crudely-Written Log
Words of the High Chief +250 Everlook
+125 Booty Bay
+125 Gadgetzan
+125 Ratchet
If you plan to go for Insane in the Membrane, do not complete this quest now. See Everlook for details.

Winterspring, Winterfall Village

These quests are available from two furbolg standing near the entrance to Winterfall Village.

Quest Reputation Items
Bearzerker +1400 Timbermaw Hold
Turning the Earth +1000 Timbermaw Hold

Winterspring, Timbermaw Hold (2)

Return to Salfa to turn in quests. At this point you should be partly into Revered. Continue grinding furbolg and turning in spirit beads until you pass 499/1000 Exalted. You will need at most 45 Winterfall Spirit Beads, and quite likely less than this.

Quest Reputation Items
More Beads for Salfa +2000 Timbermaw Hold 5 Winterfall Spirit Beads

Timbermaw Hold (2)

You must be Exalted to complete this quest. Pick it up in the Timbermaw Hold tunnels. The event takes place in front of the cave in Winterfall Village.

Quest Reputation Items
The Root of All Evil +500 Timbermaw Hold

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