Updated for Patch 9.0.1

Ravenholdt is a shadowy group of rogues and assassins whose hideout is in Hillsbrad Foothills, northwest of the ruins of Durnholde Keep.


Exalted is required for and . Keeping the reputation is not required for credit for , but is required for .


To obtain Ravenholdt reputation, you can kill Syndicate mobs and must turn in Heavy Junkbox. You will need the services of a rogue to obtain the junkboxes, which can be traded between and mailed to players but cannot be sold on the Auction House. Most people roll a rogue alt or use a class trial rogue, though some buy the junkboxes from other players. Your rogue should be at least level 20, though 40 or higher is recommended. Rogues going for the [Itemset #1087] legendary daggers should try to obtain at least 11999/12000 Honored reputation with Ravenholdt before beginning the legendary quest line.

High level players may need to talk to Zidormi and go back in time to access the original Arathi Highlands. Zidormi is on the road to Wetlands near the bridge.


Hated – Honored
  Northfold Manor, Arathi Highlands
  Stromgarde Keep, Arathi Highlands
  Strahnbrad, Hillsbrad Foothills
Revered – Exalted
  Greengill Coast, Isle of Quel’Danas
  Fields of Honor, Burning Steppes
  Lower Blackrock Spire
  Other Locations
  Rogue Legendary Quests

Hated – Honored

Killing Syndicate mobs grants Ravenholdt reputation through 11999/12000 Honored. If you are the rare snowflake who somehow worked your way up to Unfriendly or Neutral with the Syndicate, you will need to set them At War in your reputation pane.

I recommend alternating between Northfold Manor and Stromgarde Keep. This allows enough time for the mobs to respawn in one location while you are clearing the other location, and also makes it easier for low-level players to complete their quests in these areas without slowing you down significantly. In addition, if you have war mode on, not as many people know about Northfold Manor, allowing you to avoid unpleasant situations (or jump into them, as you see fit).

Now that several realms may share a single zone, many world zones are much more crowded. In particular, Arathi Highlands often has low-level Horde players questing in these areas. You may have difficulty getting these areas to yourself unless you grind at very odd hours.

Northfold Manor, Arathi Highlands

There are nearly as many mobs here as at Stromgarde Keep, but far fewer line of sight issues. Many of these mobs are stealthed; these mobs can be found around the perimeter of the farm and on the road leading in. Start from the northernmost point on the perimeter between the house and the silos and work your way around counterclockwise.

While this area is less busy than Stromgarde Keep, it does see its share of questing players. Fortunately, they usually do not kill the stealthed mobs, meaning you can continue grinding even when players are in the area without either of you affecting the other much.

Name Level Reputation Respawn Time
Syndicate Highwayman 30 5 5-8 minutes
Syndicate Mercenary 30 5 5-8 minutes
Syndicate Pathstalker 30 5 5-8 minutes

Stromgarde Keep, Arathi Highlands

One of the two largest groups of Syndicate mobs left is the group in Stromgarde Keep. Even with the frequent line of sight issues, they’re relatively easy to clear out quickly, so by the time you get to the end they may not have respawned. Moreover, there are likely to be low level players of both factions questing in this area. That makes it helpful that there are two farming spots to alternate.

Note that Marez Cowl, Otto and Lord Falconcrest do not grant any reputation, so you can safely skip them. Low level players who are questing in the area will thank you for leaving them up, as they are quest objectives.

Name Level Reputation Respawn Time
Syndicate Conjuror 30 5 5-8 minutes
Syndicate Magus 30 5 5-8 minutes
Syndicate Prowler 30 5 5-8 minutes
Syndicate Thief 30 5 5-8 minutes

Strahnbrad, Hillsbrad Foothills

Grinding here is not recommended. Most mobs are stealthed and there aren’t enough of them respawning quickly enough. Plus, for Alliance players, the Horde has established a presence in this town.

Name Level Reputation Respawn Time
Syndicate Spy 30 5 5-8 minutes
Syndicate Wizard 30 5 5-8 minutes

Revered – Exalted

Beyond 11999/12000 Honored the only way to earn Ravenholdt reputation is via the following repeatable quest. You turn this in to Winstone Wolfe at Ravenholdt Manor. He’s inside on the ground floor. (Prior to patch 4.3 you turned in junkboxes to Fahrad, but he’s now a bit too preoccupied to deal with the day-to-day at Ravenholdt Manor.)


Quest Reputation Items
Junkboxes Needed +75 Ravenholdt
-75 Syndicate
5 Heavy Junkbox

Heavy Junkbox are pickpocketed from humanoids in Burning Steppes, Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands, along with a few other places. Since rogues are the only class which can pickpocket, you will need a rogue alt to complete this reputation grind. You can also offer to pay other rogues to farm the junkboxes for you. To ensure that you can pickpocket as efficiently as possible without dying, I recommend your rogue be at least level 40.

Various reputation bonuses can dramatically reduce the number of Heavy Junkbox you need to turn in. I recommend checking the complete list and getting as many as you can before turning in junkboxes.

The following table gives the number of junkboxes you will need from 11999/12000 Honored to reach Exalted. Stacked bonuses above 20% are only available to Humans.

  All Classes Rogue* (see below)
Bonus Turn-ins Junkboxes Turn-ins Junkboxes
0% 281 1405 239 1195
5% 267 1335 225 1125
10% 255 1275 213 1065
15% 244 1220 202 1010
20% 234 1170 192 960
25% 225 1125 183 915
30% 216 1080 174 870

*Rogues who complete the quest line to obtain the legendary Fangs of the Father daggers will earn 3150 Ravenholdt reputation (before bonuses), further reducing the number of junkboxes needed to complete the grind to Exalted. More details below.

Note that since Mists of Pandaria, you can no longer pickpocket while moving. You need to stop briefly for your pickpocket to be successful.

Greengill Coast, Isle of Quel’Danas

Greengill Coast, Isle of Quel'DanasGreengill Coast is one of the better-kept secrets of junkbox farming. This location along the east coast of the Isle of Quel’Danas has close to 100 murlocs for you to pickpocket and provides continuous farming without having to wait, even for multiple rogues.

The secret is that these murlocs, when killed, respawn almost instantly. Because of this, it is possible for several rogues to farm junkboxes here at the same time without conflict. However it’s not nearly as crowded as other locations, due to being less well known, and you might not even see another rogue.

Start at one end of the coastline and pickpocket a group of murlocs. Then kill the group. Typically by the time you have moved to the next group, the entire group has respawned.

To get here, take the portal from Shattrath City, or a flight from Ironforge or Undercity. A mailbox and vendors are conveniently located here as well.

Fields of Honor, Burning Steppes

Fields of HonorThe Fields of Honor has four groups of 25 humanoids lined up in formation for easy pickpocketing. However, due to their sheer numbers, I recommend not going here until your rogue is at least level 40 to prevent needless deaths. Level appropriate players would be quickly overwhelmed if a Sap or Pick Pocket misses. If you do die, though, the graveyard is close by.

The nearest flight point for both factions is Chiselgrip. Alliance players with [Spell #90267] and can just fly northeast directly from Stormwind; this is much faster than taking a taxi.

Pickpocket all four groups and optionally the loose mobs running around, and then rearrange your bags while you wait for pockets to refill (this takes up to 8 minutes). To clear your bags out, run over to Chiselgrip and fly to Iron Summit, Searing Gorge (or fly there directly if you have or higher) where you will find an innkeeper, mailbox and repairs.

Don’t bother crossing the road to Black Tooth Hovel and nearby areas to the south. None of the mobs on that side of the road yield Heavy Junkboxes.

Lower Blackrock Spire

Formerly the king of junkbox farming locations, Lower Blackrock Spire suffered a nerf with Cataclysm and another smaller nerf with Warlords of Draenor, but is still a decent farming location. Rogues of at least level 40 can pickpocket here relatively safely; at lower levels you will need to manage your cooldowns carefully. This is also the place to go if you have war mode on and you aren’t in the mood for PvP combat.

LBRS is fairly complex until you learn your way around. Unfortunately the in-game map isn’t especially helpful. See the description and video below for a walkthrough.

When you enter Blackrock Mountain, Blackrock Spire is on the east side. If you have [Spell #90267], you can fly directly up to the balcony visible to the northeast and you will be at the entrance. Otherwise take the ramps and stairs up from the east side dungeon meeting stone.

When you go up the ramp you will be in the Hall of Blackhand. From here you can go up the ramp and left, or down the ramp and right. Left is Dragonspire Hall which leads to Upper Blackrock Spire. Instead, go down and right and enter the instance portal to Lower Blackrock Spire.

From the dungeon entrance, go up and right to pickpocket a few orcs, and then back down and around the corner left into Hordemar City. After you cross a couple of wooden bridges you’ll see some ogres guarding the entrance to Mok’Doom. Enter there, pickpocket all the ogres and exit the same way you came in. Turn left and go down the ramp to Tazz’Alaor, the troll area. At the bottom level of this area is an exit toward more orcs; at the end of that path is the Skitterweb Tunnels which is full of spiders. After you go through the spiders you’ll run into another ogre pack, and beyond them you can turn either left or right. Go left and get a few orcs up the ramp, then go the opposite way and around the corner to the right for more orcs and toward the final boss. Reverse direction on the way out.

Or skip the paragraph above and just watch the video.

Other Locations

Some other locations have a significant number of mobs which yield Heavy Junkboxes but are less than ideal for various reasons. I list them here because they may be situationally useful for some people. These are given in no particular order.

The Bloodmire, Swamp of Sorrows – This is the battleground between the Horde in Stonard and the Alliance in Marshtide Watch. All of the mobs here can be pickpocketed, but after completing the quest chain they will be phased out and inaccessible.

Blasted Lands (pre-Iron Horde invasion phase) – There are plenty of humanoids all over the zone, primarily the cultists in Serpent’s Coil and up toward the Altar of Storms, ogres at Dreadmaul Post, and naga along the beaches (I’m still waiting for the official explanation of how naga have pockets). For the most part, though, they are widely spaced, making for relatively slower pickpocketing than in other areas. To enter the phase, speak to Zidormi at the border of Blasted Lands and Swamp of Sorrows to change to the original phase.

Alterac Valley (Battleground) – It is reported that these can be pickpocketed from NPCs in the battleground, regardless of level bracket. Try mines which haven’t been captured.

Silithus – The Twilight cultists in the camps in this zone will yield Heavy Junkboxes, but the camps are so widely spaced that you will spend a lot of time traveling from one to the next.

Rogue Legendary Quests

Rogues going for the [Itemset #1087] legendary daggers will gain a total of 3150 Ravenholdt reputation (before bonuses) upon completing the quest line, reducing the number of Heavy Junkboxes needed (see the table above). I strongly recommend that rogues attempting the legendary obtain at least 11999/12000 Honored reputation with Ravenholdt before doing so, to maximize the impact of the quest reputation gains.

The quests awarding Ravenholdt reputation are:

Quest Reputation Items
To Catch a Thief +500 Ravenholdt
Assassinate Creed +500 Ravenholdt
Cluster Clutch +500 Ravenholdt
Our Man in Karazhan +75 Ravenholdt
Blood of the Betrayer +500 Ravenholdt
Victory in the Depths +75 Ravenholdt
Sharpening Your Fangs +500 Ravenholdt
Patricide +500 Ravenholdt