Darkmoon Faire

Updated for Patch 8.0.1

The Darkmoon Faire is a large carnival which opens the first Sunday of each month and runs for a week. It is located on Darkmoon Island, somewhere in the Great Sea. During the Faire, you can reach the island from portals in Elwynn Forest and Mulgore.


0/0 Exalted is required for Insane in the Membrane and 100 Exalted Reputations. Keeping the reputation is not required for credit for Insane in the Membrane, but is required for 100 Exalted Reputations.


It is possible to complete Darkmoon Faire reputation solely by attending the carnival and participating in carnival attractions and backstage activities, and turning in rare artifacts which are found in dungeons, raids and battlegrounds. With a maximum reputation gain per Faire week of 20,000 (before bonuses) it is now possible to complete this reputation in just two Faires, but most people will need three or more. The total cost will be less than 50 gold in Darkmoon Game Tokens, and you’ll make much more than that from the quest rewards. You can speed up the process by creating Darkmoon Faire decks and turning them in.


Monthly Quests
Daily Quests
Low-Level Decks
High-Level Decks


Two quests are available to players only once and cannot be repeated. One is the introductory breadcrumb which has been in-game in some form or another since the Darkmooon Faire first came to Azeroth, and has two faction-specific versions. The other was added in patch 6.1 with the Darkmoon Races.

Quest Reputation Items
Alliance The Darkmoon Faire +75 Darkmoon Faire
Horde The Darkmoon Faire +75 Darkmoon Faire
Welcome to the Darkmoon Races +250 Darkmoon Faire

Monthly Quests

All seven of the monthly quests grant 250 reputation all the way through Exalted.

Five of the seven monthly quests you will be able to do are associated with specific professions and will grant 5 skill points in that profession. Therefore it’s to your benefit to learn every profession, so as to have access to all of the quests. Access to each profession quest requires a minimum skill of 75 in the vanilla skill.

The profession quests are (you will be offered at most five of these):

Quest Reputation Items
A Fizzy Fusion +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Alchemy (75)
5 Moonberry Juice
Fun for the Little Ones +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Archaeology (75)
15 Fossil Archaeology Fragment
Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Blacksmithing (75)
Putting the Crunch in the Frog +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Cooking (75)
5 Simple Flour
Putting Trash to Good Use +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Enchanting (75)
Talkin' Tonks +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Engineering (75)
Spoilin' for Salty Sea Dogs +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Fishing (75)
Herbs for Healing +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Herbalism (75)
Writing the Future +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Inscription (75)
5 Light Parchment
Keeping the Faire Sparkling +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Jewelcrafting (75)
Eyes on the Prizes +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Leatherworking (75)
5 Coarse Thread
5 Blue Dye
10 Shiny Bauble
Rearm, Reuse, Recycle +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Mining (75)
Tan My Hide +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Skinning (75)
Banners, Banners Everywhere! +250 Darkmoon Faire Requires Tailoring (75)
1 Coarse Thread
1 Red Dye
1 Blue Dye

Another monthly quest is available to all players. It requires you or your pet to get the killing blow on 250 units or players which would grant experience or honor while carrying the Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your bags.

Quest Reputation Items
Test Your Strength +250 Darkmoon Faire Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide

The final monthly quest is available to players who participate in killing Moonfang, a creature which spawns on Darkmoon Island and drops a quest item which can be turned in for tickets and reputation. Moonfang was added in Patch 5.4.

Moonfang is summoned by first killing Moonfang Snarlers. Once enough Moonfang Snarlers have been killed, Moonfang Dreadhowls will spawn. Finally, after killing enough of these, Moonfang herself will appear. Raid warnings appear on the screen of everyone at the Faire when the event starts and ends, and all players who participate are eligible to loot, whether in a raid or not.

Moonfang drops Moonfang's Pelt, which starts the quest Den Mother's Demise. It can be turned in for 250 reputation once a month. Note that this item does not bind, so you can mail it to your other characters, or buy and sell it on the Auction House.

Quest Reputation Items
Den Mother's Demise +250 Darkmoon Faire Moonfang's Pelt

Daily Quests

All of the daily quests grant 250 reputation all the way through Exalted.

Note that you can do the dailies eight times each Faire; the “extra” daily comes from early Sunday morning between Faire opening time and 3 am when dailies reset. Of course this means staying up late Saturday night.

Quest Reputation Items
The Humanoid Cannonball +250 Darkmoon Faire
He Shoots, He Scores! +250 Darkmoon Faire
Target: Turtle +250 Darkmoon Faire
Tonk Commander +250 Darkmoon Faire
It's Hammer Time +250 Darkmoon Faire
Firebird's Challenge +250 Darkmoon Faire
The Real Race +250 Darkmoon Faire
The Real Big Race +250 Darkmoon Faire


In addition to the quests at the Faire itself, you can obtain nine rare artifacts which drop from mobs in dungeons and raids (three of the nine drop only from players in battlegrounds). Turning in one of these artifacts grants 250 reputation and is repeatable each month. The drop rate for these will be quite low; as “world drops’ they won’t really be farmable. Keep your Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide with you all the time, though, since you may find one of these items when the Faire is closed and have to wait until the following month to turn it in. All of these items can also be purchased on the Auction House.

These items drop from level appropriate Normal mode dungeon trash and bosses (no drops in Heroic or Mythic):

Quest Reputation Items
An Intriguing Grimoire +250 Darkmoon Faire Mysterious Grimoire
An Exotic Egg +250 Darkmoon Faire Monstrous Egg
The Master Strategist +250 Darkmoon Faire A Treatise on Strategy
A Wondrous Weapon +250 Darkmoon Faire Ornate Weapon
A Curious Crystal +250 Darkmoon Faire Imbued Crystal

These items drop from taking player insignias in battlegrounds:

Quest Reputation Items
The Captured Journal +250 Darkmoon Faire Fallen Adventurer's Journal
A Captured Banner +250 Darkmoon Faire Banner of the Fallen
The Enemy's Insignia +250 Darkmoon Faire Captured Insignia

This item drops from level appropriate raid trash and bosses on Normal or higher difficulty (no drops in Raid Finder):

Quest Reputation Items
Tools of Divination +250 Darkmoon Faire Soothsayer's Runes

Low-Level Decks

The time-honored way of gaining Darkmoon Faire reputation has been through turning in various Darkmoon Faire decks. All decks are created by putting together several cards, and all the cards are made (at random) by scribes using uncommon inks. After accepting the quest the deck starts, you will receive a substitute deck. Right-click on it to summon the Darkmoon Fortune Teller who will accept the deck and give you your reward.

While I will make low-level cards if I must, I prefer to buy the cards, and sometimes completed decks, from the Auction House. I resell most of the quest rewards and reserve those which have poor stats for disenchantment.

Quest Reputation Items
Rogues Deck +25 Darkmoon Faire Rogues Deck
Created by: [Spell #48247]
Swords Deck +25 Darkmoon Faire Swords Deck
Created by: [Spell #59480]
Mages Deck +25 Darkmoon Faire Mages Deck
Created by: [Spell #59487]
Demons Deck +25 Darkmoon Faire Demons Deck
Created by: [Spell #59491]

High-Level Decks

These decks, from the endgame of World of Warcraft and each of its expansions, reward level-appropriate trinkets and 350 reputation each. It’s almost never cost-effective to make or buy these. You must wait for the Faire week and turn these in to Professor Thaddeus Paleo at Darkmoon Island.

Level 60

Cards for these decks are created by [Spell #59502]. They may also very rarely drop from monsters up to level 60 in Azeroth.

Due to the way they work, the trinkets from the Portals Deck are still occasionally in demand, but making these in bulk is not recommended.

Quest Reputation Items
Darkmoon Beast Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Beasts Deck
Darkmoon Elementals Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Elementals Deck
Darkmoon Portals Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Portals Deck
Darkmoon Warlords Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Warlords Deck

Level 70

Cards for these decks are created by [Spell #59503]. They may also very rarely drop from monsters in Outland.

Demand for the trinkets from these decks is very low, as leveling players get much better trinkets early in Northrend content. If your realm has a lot of level 70 capped players, then you may find a few buyers. I do not recommend making them.

Quest Reputation Items
Darkmoon Blessings Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Blessings Deck
Darkmoon Furies Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Furies Deck
Darkmoon Lunacy Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Lunacy Deck
Darkmoon Storms Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Storms Deck

Level 80

Cards for these decks are created by [Spell #59504].

There is still a small demand for these trinkets, as leveling players generally do not get better trinkets until nearer to level 85. Nevertheless I do not recommend making them in bulk.

Quest Reputation Items
Darkmoon Chaos Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Chaos Deck
Darkmoon Nobles Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Nobles Deck
Darkmoon Prisms Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Prisms Deck
Darkmoon Undeath Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Undeath Deck

Level 85

Cards for these decks are created by [Spell #86615].

Demand for these trinkets is very low, as comparable or better trinkets are available early in Mists content. Therefore I strongly recommend against making these.

Quest Reputation Items
Darkmoon Earthquake Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Earthquake Deck
Darkmoon Hurricane Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Hurricane Deck
Darkmoon Tsunami Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Tsunami Deck
Darkmoon Volcanic Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Volcanic Deck

Level 90

Cards for these decks are created by [Spell #111830].

Because players will receive better trinkets early in Warlords of Draenor leveling content, making these cards is not advised.

Quest Reputation Items
Darkmoon Crane Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Crane Deck
Darkmoon Ox Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Ox Deck
Darkmoon Serpent Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Serpent Deck
Darkmoon Tiger Deck +350 Darkmoon Faire Tiger Deck

Level 100

Darkmoon trinkets in Warlords of Draenor no longer require a visit to the Darkmoon Faire to produce, and no reputation is available for making them.

Level 110

Darkmoon trinkets in Legion no longer require a visit to the Darkmoon Faire to produce, and no reputation is available for making them.

Level 120

Darkmoon trinkets in Battle for Azeroth no longer require a visit to the Darkmoon Faire to produce, and no reputation is available for making them.