Bloodsail Buccaneers

Updated for Patch 8.2.0

These bloodthirsty corsairs are the bane of many a merchant in the high seas. Sworn enemies of Booty Bay.


Friendly and Hated with Booty Bay simultaneously are required for
Honored is required for . Keeping the reputation is not required for achievement credit.
Exalted is required for . Keeping the reputation is required for achievement credit.


The only way to gain reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers is to kill denizens of Booty Bay, wherever they may be in the world. Most of them are found in Booty Bay itself; there are a few in Faldir’s Cove, Arathi Highlands.


Hated – Honored
  Faldir’s Cove, Arathi Highlands
  Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn
  Brashtide Invasion
Revered – Exalted
  Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn
Avast Ye, Admiral!

Hated – Honored

If you are at least Neutral with Booty Bay, it is recommended that you complete a subset of Booty Bay quests, those which reduce Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation, before beginning this grind. This allows you to complete and leaves the way open for you to obtain achievement later, without any significant impact on your grind.

If you are at least Neutral with Booty Bay, and do not wish to obtain Exalted with Bloodsail Buccaneers, consider grinding reputation in the phased Brashtide Invasion event. This will get you to Honored much faster than normal grinding, but makes obtaining Exalted much more difficult.

If you have already completed the Brashtide Invasion quest line, or you wish to obtain Exalted reputation, kill any of the following monsters. Reputation gain for most of the monsters listed here is capped at 11999/12000 Honored.

Faldir’s Cove, Arathi Highlands

This location is recommended for most players, especially low-level players and those who cannot grind the Brashtide Invasion event. While you will spend most of your time parked in a single spot, the extremely fast respawn time on Shakes O’Breen means a max level player can obtain about 2,000 rep per hour before perks.

To grind here, camp Shakes O’Breen and only move to kill the other mobs when they have respawned. Note that Shakes O’Breen is involved in a low level quest here; if someone is on that quest, Shakes O’Breen will bug out and attack you instead of the naga he is supposed to attack during the quest. Move out of his aggro radius if a low level player comes through questing.

Professor Phizzlethorpe may be unattackable when you arrive here. If so, log in to an alt who has never quested in this area, accept the quest he offers and then immediately abandon it. He will then reset and become attackable.

Deckhand Moishe walks in the air and through the walls of the ship and often cannot be attacked due to line of sight. It’s best to ignore him.

Name Level Reputation Respawn Time
Captain Steelgut 39 25 5-8 minutes
Deckhand Moishe 37 5 5-8 minutes
Doctor Draxlegauge 38 5 5-8 minutes
First Mate Nilzlix 39 25 5-8 minutes
Professor Phizzlethorpe 38 5 3 minutes
Shakes O’Breen 40 5 10-15 seconds

Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn

Grinding this location in its normal phase is not recommended. The level 120 Booty Bay Bruisers which guard the town can easily kill most classes. Two will overwhelm even the strongest tanks without assistance. If you choose to go, a standard 5-man group of tank, healer and three DPS (one off-healer may help) is recommended. War mode is also recommended as the bruisers have less health and are weak enough for most well-geared classes to solo with war mode on. Grinding in a group larger than 5 is not recommended because reputation gains are cut sharply for raid groups of 6 or more players.

You can safely grind reputation here during the Brashtide Invasion event (see below). However, this is not recommended for people going for Bloodsail Exalted, as you would have to grind Booty Bay from Hated to Neutral at least twice (some people would have to grind it three times) in order to complete Insane in the Membrane as well.

Name Level Reputation Respawn Time
Baron Revilgaz 60 25
Blixrez Goodstitch 43 5
Booty Bay Bruiser 120 25 5 minutes
Booty Bay Elite 71 Elite 25 Spawned by world event
Brikk Keencraft 54 5
Captain Hecklebury Smotts 37 5
Caravaneer Ruzzgot 39 5
Catelyn the Blade 50 5
Crank Fizzlebub 34 5
Crazk Sparks 46 5
Deeg 34 5
Dizzy One-Eye 41 5
Fargon Mortalak 42 5
Fin Fizracket 42 5
First Mate Crazz 44 5
Fleet Master Seahorn 60 5
Flora Silverwind 44 5
Glyx Brewright 45 5
Grarnik Goodstitch 34 5
Grimestack 46 25
Grizzlowe 45 25 10 minutes
Haren Kanmae 41 5
Hurklor 46 5
Ian Strom 47 5
Jansen Underwood 49 5
Jaxin Chong 46 5
Jutak 43 5
Kebok 35 5
Kelsey Yance 43 5
Kizz Bluntstrike 42 5
Markel Smythe 38 5 1 minute
McGavan 55 5
Myizz Luckycatch 43 5
Narkk 42 5
Nixxrax Fillamug 38 5
Oglethorpe Obnoticus 50 5
Privateer Bloads 40 5
Qixdi Goodstitch 44 5
Rickle Goldgrubber 55 25 2 minutes
Rikqiz 43 5
Sly Garrett 46 5
Sprogger 37 5
Viznik Goldgrubber 55 25 2 minutes
Wharfmaster Lozgil 35 15
Whiskey Slim 38 5
Wigcik 43 5
Xizk Goodstitch 43 5
Zarena Cromwind 43 5

Brashtide Invasion

Grinding this method requires you to start with at least Neutral reputation with Booty Bay. If you’ve already begun going for Insane in the Membrane and you are below Neutral with Booty Bay, you won’t be able to do this, and you should farm your reputation elsewhere.

If you intend to grind Bloodsail to Exalted, be aware that mobs in this phase stop giving reputation at 11999/12000 Honored, the mobs which do grant reputation up to Exalted will be phased out, and getting out of the phase requires getting back to Neutral with Booty Bay. I don’t recommend grinding in this phase if you eventually intend to get Exalted due to the requirement to get the goblins back to Neutral twice, once to get out of the phase and get into Bloodsail Revered, and again after you reach Exalted.

To get started, pick up the quests The Captain's Chest from Captain Hecklebury Smotts and Scaring Shaky from “Sea Wolf” MacKinley. Complete these two short chains, through the quests Mok'rash the Cleaver and Kill-Collect. (If you might want to achieve Loremaster later, also pick up the quest Stranglethorn Fever at this time. You will pick up the Gorilla Fang you need for it while doing Scaring Shaky.)

Once you complete the two quest lines, pick up The Bloodsail Buccaneers from First Mate Crazz.

This starts you on a lengthy quest chain involving infiltrating the Bloodsail Buccaneers; do every quest in the chain until you are eventually sent back to Booty Bay in Call of Booty. Once you complete the quest Doublerum, the town will be phased and the invasion event will start. Complete all of the quests in the invasion quest line until you reach Bloodsail's End. When you reach this point, hold the quest but don’t attempt to kill Fleet Master Firallon or complete the quest yet.

Set Booty Bay to “At War” in your reputation pane so that you can kill them. Then kill the Baron and throw his lifeless corpse into the sea! You have just begun farming your Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation.

While farming Booty Bay I prefer to stick to the front central level as the other levels tend to be too much of a maze for too little reputation gained. Using the route I show in this video, I’m getting approximately 5,000 reputation gain per hour.

While farming here I recommend killing any Booty Bay Bruisers in your way even though they don’t grant reputation, because like their big brothers they will cast Net to root you, and while their guns hardly hit for any damage, they retain their insane knockback effect.

Also, before you attain Unfriendly with Bloodsail Buccaneers, the worgen invaders will also attack you. It is safe to kill them; you will neither gain nor lose reputation with any faction by killing them. Avoid killing the human pirates on the ships, though, as they will reduce your reputation.

Once you obtain Honored reputation (or cap your reputation if you’re going for Exalted and grinding here against all good sense) it’s time to do the feat of strength Avast Ye, Admiral! Do not skip this; due to the achievement tracking bug which existed during Mists of Pandaria, GMs have used Avast Ye, Admiral! as a proxy to determine if players have completed Bloodsail Honored. Details are below.

Then it’s time to grind your goblin reputations back up. Once you reach Neutral with Booty Bay again, complete Bloodsail's End to return Booty Bay to its original phase.

Revered – Exalted

Only a very few monsters grant Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation past 11999/12000 Honored. To achieve this in any reasonable time requires farming Booty Bay Bruisers; as noted before, a 5-man group and war mode are strongly recommended.

Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn

This mob is not available in Booty Bay when it is in the Brashtide Invasion event phase.

Name Level Reputation Respawn Time
Booty Bay Bruiser 120 25 5 minutes

Avast Ye, Admiral!

To obtain the feat of strength requires Friendly with Bloodsail Buccaneers, Hated with Booty Bay, and completing the quest of the same name. You will need to be at least level 55.

I recommend completing these quests at the very end of your reputation grind, regardless of what level of reputation you decide to stop at, because the quests themselves grant additional reputation.

Avast Ye, Scallywag is a breadcrumb quest obtained from “Good-Boy” Bruce in the Bloodsail Compound just north of Booty Bay. Prior to Cataclysm it was given by “Pretty Boy” Duncan. If you have already accepted or completed either Dressing the Part or Avast Ye, Admiral! then you will be unable to obtain it.

Quest Reputation Items
Avast Ye, Scallywag +25 Bloodsail Buccaneers
-25 Booty Bay
-12.5 Everlook
-12.5 Gadgetzan
-12.5 Ratchet

Each of these quests is obtained from Fleet Master Firallon on his ship off the Wild Shore. If you do this feat during the Brashtide Invasion event, which makes it much easier, he can be found on his ship which has sailed right into Booty Bay and stands just off shore.

Quest Reputation Items
Dressing the Part +10 Bloodsail Buccaneers
-10 Booty Bay
-5 Everlook
-5 Gadgetzan
-5 Ratchet
Avast Ye, Admiral! +500 Bloodsail Buccaneers
-500 Booty Bay
-250 Everlook
-250 Gadgetzan
-250 Ratchet