WoW’s 12th Anniversary: 12% Reputation Bonus for Two Weeks

From November 16 through 30, enjoy a 12% bonus to reputation for kills during WoW’s 12th Anniversary world event.

Moments ago the world event began on US realms, and in my mail I found the Anniversary Gift. I opened it up to find, among other things, the long awaited Celebration Package.

Using this item grants a 12% bonus to experience and reputation gains for kills for one hour. It’s not consumable and you can use it as much as you can for the next two weeks.

Next week, when Pilgrim’s Bounty begins, you’ll also be able to get a 10% reputation bonus [Spell #61849] from that event which stacks with this one, giving you a 22% reputation bonus during that week.

Now it’s time to get out there and make some progress on your reputations!

Hallow’s End 2016 10% Reputation Bonus October 18 to November 1

Gain 10% reputation bonus for two hours at a time during the two week long Hallow’s End world event starting tomorrow.

Hallow’s End is a world event which runs two weeks each year, at the end of October. It grants a two hour reputation buff, well suited to extended grinding sessions. It begins and ends at the following times: Continue reading “Hallow’s End 2016 10% Reputation Bonus October 18 to November 1”

Insane Guides Update for Legion Pre-Patch

Insane in the Membrane guides are now mostly updated for changes made in the Legion pre-patch 7.0.3.

I’ve mostly finished updating the Insane in the Membrane guides for the Legion pre-patch.

The updates are mostly minor, and I will have further updates after the full expansion drops on August 30.

  • The Travel guide now reflects the removal of various minor glyphs that affected travel for druids and shamans.
  • The Reputation Bonuses guide now has 2016 holiday dates.
  • The Ravenholdt guide reflects the fact that rogues must now be in melee range to pick pockets.
  • The other faction reputation guides received very minor updates.

Since Blizzard forgot to send me a Legion beta key, I will not have all updates available on Legion release day. Since I want to play the expansion myself and get as far as possible right away, expect further updates to the guides within the first couple of weeks after release.

Track your progress on Insane in the Membrane

Now you can track your progress toward Insane in the Membrane by logging into this site with View criteria details for each reputation and quest completion data right within the guides.

UPDATE: Some people who tried to log in between last night and this morning were unable to see their characters. This was due to a problem on my server, and it should be fixed now. If you logged in before this notice and don’t see your characters, log out of this site, then log in again.

Way back at the release of Mists of Pandaria, the hack that most people had been using in-game to track their progress toward Insane in the Membrane broke, along with the Feat itself. The Feat was eventually fixed, but the detailed tracker was not fixed, and it was removed entirely with the release of Warlords of Draenor.

Now it’s back. On my sidebar.

Continue reading “Track your progress on Insane in the Membrane”

Pilgrim’s Bounty 2015: 21% Reputation Bonus for a Week

Combine the Pilgrim’s Bounty reputation buff with your Celebration Package for a 21% reputation boost this week only.

Pilgrim’s Bounty takes place each year near the end of November and runs for one week with varying dates each year. In 2015 it runs from November 23 to 30. This neatly overlaps the second week of WoW’s 11th Anniversary, meaning you can stack the two buffs.

Every town with an innkeeper has a set of Bountiful Tables. Sit at each of the five seats at a table and stuff yourself with five stacks of each food at each seat. This will give you the buff The Spirit of Sharing, granting a 10% reputation bonus for 1 hour.

Historically the best use of the Pilgrim’s Bounty buff has been for grinding. Combined with the Celebration Package, which only grants bonus reputation for kills, grinding is the thing to do this week. So forget about Black Friday, those pirates and thieves need to die!

Find Bountiful Tables at Gadgetzan for Southsea pirate grinding, and Aerie Peak and Tarren Mill for grinding Syndicate mobs.