Track your progress on Insane in the Membrane

Now you can track your progress toward Insane in the Membrane by logging into this site with View criteria details for each reputation and quest completion data right within the guides.

UPDATE: Some people who tried to log in between last night and this morning were unable to see their characters. This was due to a problem on my server, and it should be fixed now. If you logged in before this notice and don’t see your characters, log out of this site, then log in again.

Way back at the release of Mists of Pandaria, the hack that most people had been using in-game to track their progress toward Insane in the Membrane broke, along with the Feat itself. The Feat was eventually fixed, but the detailed tracker was not fixed, and it was removed entirely with the release of Warlords of Draenor.

Now it’s back. On my sidebar.

A few months ago I was experimenting with the new developer API, and discovered much to my surprise that the detailed tracking for Insane in the Membrane hadn’t actually been removed. As far as the armory was concerned, it had instead been completely fixed. All of the individual criteria that were there from the beginning were still there, but the criterion for Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers had been redesigned. This dovetails quite well with public statements from Blizzard about how they fixed the problem with Insane in the Membrane, back during Mists.

What doesn’t quite make sense is why they chose to remove the detailed criteria from the game client and leave it on the armory. After months of testing, I’m pretty confident that the tracking data in the armory works perfectly (except for some characters who already earned the feat, but that doesn’t really matter).

Insane progress tracking on sidebar
Insane progress tracking on sidebar
So I’m making it, and another tool, available to you.

Once you log in here with, you will be able to select a character to track. Then the detailed criteria for each reputation will appear right at the top of the sidebar (on mobile, it appears just after the end of whatever article or guide you are reading).

In addition, after you log in, the site will automatically show, right within each individual reputation guide, if you have completed each (non-repeatable) quest which is relevant for that reputation. This way you can see at a glance if there are any other quests you can use to gain reputation with each faction.

Now that I have the integration in place, there are more features I plan to roll out over the coming months, while waiting for Legion and slowly grinding out the remainder of Eberard’s Insane feat.

There are some known issues:

  • Blizzard is not returning character lists for players in the Taiwan region. If you play in this region, you can log in, but you won’t be able to see your characters or any completion data until Blizzard fixes this.
  • The quests Rearm, Reuse, Recycle (from Darkmoon Faire) and Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs (from Steamwheedle Cartel) are not returning any data from the API. This appears to be a problem with the armory and hopefully Blizzard will fix them in due course.

9 thoughts on “Track your progress on Insane in the Membrane”

    1. The armory is returning a 500 Internal Server Error when I try to retrieve the list of characters for your account.

      It’s probably something the API developers are going to have to look into. There’s not much I can do except to report it to Blizzard.

  1. WordPress error when I try to select a character for tracking. I realize the last post on this page is fairly dated, so there’s a chance the site is just defunct, however… in the hopes that someone is still admin, would be great to check my character 🙂

        1. Hi Anjae#1306, I just spent an hour or so deep in the database, and it looks like your settings got corrupted somehow (along with about 30 other people). I just deleted all the settings corresponding to your BattleTag. You’ll need to login with again the next time you visit, but after that it should work fine. Let me know if you still have problems.

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