YouTube “Comment failed to post”

For some reason I am unable to reply to your comments on some of my YouTube videos. So here are replies to some questions I’ve had recently.

I got a notice of a new YouTube comment today and went to reply to it, but I was stymied by the dreaded “Comment failed to post” message.

I discovered several possibilities for why this might happen. But none of them seem to apply to me.

  • This might happen if your YouTube account is not linked to Google+. But my YouTube account has been linked to Google+ for years.
  • It might happen if Google has restricted your account for posting too many comments. But I rarely post comments and there’s no evidence of such a restriction on my account.
  • It might be a case of bad cookies. But I cleared my cookies and even tried a completely different web browser.

To make matters worse, there seem to be just one or two videos I can’t reply on; others work fine.

So I’ve given up and I’ll just reply here:

Today, user noeezyfluff is having a hard time with players ganking him in Stromgarde Keep.

I have also done the entire Insane grind on a PvP server, so I’m not unsympathetic. Arathi Highlands is a very busy questing zone, and that makes it a battleground sometimes.

Ask in chat if there are some other high level players in the area to help you out with the opposing faction. LocalDefense will bring in nearby players; also consider asking your guild. You can also go to Northfold Manor; often there are fewer players there, and it is usually forgotten by high-level griefers. Or come back at another time of day when it’s less crowded. I had to make this video in the middle of the night, and still ran into a couple of other players.

I’m very frequently asked about my UI addons. Currently I am running SpartanUI (which includes Bartender4), Quartz, Raven for buffs, Omen, MikScrollingBattleText, VuhDo raid frames, RangeDisplay, and maybe a few other things I’ve forgotten. In the past I’ve run Z-Perl unit frames, which you can see in some older videos.

Several users have asked what to do when you accept the Battle for Gilneas City quest and the prince does not appear on the bridge. This happens when a battle is already in progress. You can run in and join the battle in progress, or wait for the event to end and start a fresh one. I recommend waiting, since you may have to fight your way through leftover mobs to join the battle, and you may miss the end of the event and fail to get quest credit.

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