How to Find a Group for Reputation Grinding

Not long ago a reader asked me how to find other people to form a group for grinding Booty Bay Bruisers to raise his Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation. Until recently there were two not-so-great answers.

He had already tried asking (repeatedly) in trade chat, which is hit and miss, mostly miss. And posting on his realm forum at, which is also mostly miss.

I suggested to him that he also check the Achievements forum, which is where I usually see group requests posted. If you find an interesting group, add the BattleTag of whoever posted the request, or if you post your own request, also post your BattleTag so that others can add you.

snapshot275But the best way to get a group together is through a new in-game tool, Custom Premade Groups.

In the group UI (press I) select Premade Groups and Custom. You can then find or start a group for any reason at all. Select Find a Group to see a list of groups people have created. Groups are formed from players anywhere in your region, so if you join a group, you will be transferred to a different realm, and if you start a group, others who join will be transferred to your realm.

snapshot281When you use this tool, you may already find someone has listed a group for the reputation you want to grind. Over the weekend I was able to find groups to grind pirates in Tanaris and to grind Booty Bay Bruisers. But if you don’t see a group, simply start a new one. Then sit back, relax and wait for people to join. You can automatically accept requests to join your group as well, which is useful when you’re already grinding and in combat.

snapshot282If you start a group, be explicit about which reputation you are grinding and which mobs you’re grinding or which zones you will be in. Because Warlords of Draenor has a similar-sounding (but completely different) reputation, you want to avoid having people join your group thinking that they are going to be grinding the wrong reputation.

Just one caveat: Unless you’re grinding a raid reputation, do not convert your group to a raid. Outside of actual raids, reputation gains are significantly reduced in raid groups of six or more members. When the group is full with five members, delist the group from Premade Groups. If someone leaves and you want to find more people, simply relist the group again. You won’t have to type out the group details again, as long as you remain logged in.

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