Grind Now: Insane in the Membrane will be harder in Warlords of Draenor

I’ve just spent a few days on the Warlords of Draenor beta. In addition to seeing the new content, I was looking for changes which will impact your Insane in the Membrane grind. Based on what I found, I strongly recommend you spend the next few weeks making as much progress as you can. When Patch 6.0.2 goes live, Insane will become a bit more difficult.

The biggest change impacting Insane in the Membrane is the guild revamp. Guilds will no longer have levels, and the perks which were previously awarded to guilds as they leveled are now integrated into the game (for instance, all flight paths are now 25% faster for everyone, whether in a guild or not) or granted automatically as part of guild membership. Except for Mr. Popularity, the passive perk which grants 5% or 10% bonus reputation. In beta build 18898, this perk is gone.

The loss of the reputation guild perk will increase the length of your reputation grind by about 11%, give or take, depending on what other reputation bonuses you are able to use.

There are some other smaller changes as well.

Lower Blackrock Spire, the dungeon which rogues may use to pickpocket Heavy Junkboxes, has been split from Upper Blackrock Spire into a separate instance, with the instance portal now in the Hall of Blackhand under the stairs where you would ordinarily turn right to go down. The Hall is empty of mobs. Fortunately, aside from having somewhat fewer mobs to pickpocket in the instance, LBRS is about the same.

The entire Blasted Lands will be phased for players at level 90 or higher, so high-level rogues will not be able to pickpocket here. This was only a rarely used zone for pickpocketing junkboxes, so the impact here will be very small.

These changes will take effect with the 6.0.2 pre-patch, which is only a few weeks away and is already on the PTR. I will be adding them to the guides when the content goes live. If you have the time, get as much grinding in as you can before the patch drops.

If you miss this, you still have reputation buffs coming up from Darkmoon Faire each month, from Hallow’s End from October 18-31, Pilgrim’s Bounty from November 24-December 1, and WoW’s 10th Anniversary, which has been greatly extended and now runs from November 21 through January 6. The Celebration Package you’ll receive in the mail will give you a 10% reputation boost throughout this period, instead of just for one or two weeks. You’ll be able to stack it with Pilgrim’s Bounty, as well as with Darkmoon Faire in December and part of January.

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