The “last word” on the Insane in the Membrane hotfix

As of now, the Insane in the Membrane achievement tracker should be working properly for all players; however, retroactive credit was not applied for all players who were affected by the issue, and if you didn’t receive retroactive credit, you get to do it all over again.

The latest word from Zorbrix on the WoW forums is:

Hey everybody, just wanted to clear this up since there was some confusion regarding the comment posted in the Hotfix Blog Post.

I’ll start with a bit of history. Prior to this hotfix, some players were encountering an issue where they wouldn’t get the Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength awarded to them if they didn’t concurrently have the the required factions (namely the Goblin Cartels and Bloodsail Buccaneers) at the required rep level. This was a bug, as it’s no longer a requirement that you have all those reps at the required level at the same time.

In order to fix this, we had to slightly re-build how our achievement system tracks your character’s progress towards this Feat of Strength via Hotfix. This is likely why methods of “tracking” the Feat of Strength aren’t showing progress as they did before.

Now that the hotfix is applied, going forward you will now retain credit for any of these reputations even if you do something that makes you lose reputation with them. Additionally, we were able to grant retroactive credit towards the Bloodsail Buccaneers portion, as long as you had completed the Avast Ye, Admiral quest. Unfortunately no retroactive credit was provided to players who had reached exalted with any of the Goblin Cartel reputations. If you didn’t get the Feat of Strength after the hotfix was applied on April 14th, and you don’t currently have the four Goblin Cartel reputations at exalted, you’ll need to re-obtain those reputations again.

In Summary:

  • Insane in the Membrane wasn’t giving credit properly, but has since been hotfixed.
  • The system will now properly track and remember your reputation levels, even if you lose the rep levels needed.
  • We were able to retroactively grant credit to some players for the Bloodsail Reputation requirement.
  • If you were once exalted with Booty Bay or the other Cartel reputations but no longer are, you’ll need to get them back to exalted to get the Feat of Strength.

After a quick look, the achievement tracker seems to be displaying the criteria properly again, though I haven’t done any rigorous testing yet. And having to grind up Bloodsail back from 0/36000 Hated is not an appealing prospect. So Eberard may never get Insane; I’ll most likely start over again on a new character for my sixth Insane grind.

This looks like it’s going to be the final word; it’s impossible to grant credit without any sort of evidence having been logged by the servers, and the nature of this bug indicates that for a long time the achievement progress wasn’t being logged properly. Sorry for those of you who are stuck like Eberard. My advice would be to consider starting again on another character, if you don’t want to redo your missing reputation grinds.

25 thoughts on “The “last word” on the Insane in the Membrane hotfix”

  1. So am I correct in understanding that if I didn’t get ‘Avast Ye, Admiral’ I will have to get the Bloodsail Rep again? If so than I reckon you are right and it would be easiest to just start again.

    Thanks for the site, it’s been a great help. I would’ve replied to the thread on but I don’t have a US character and it wouldn’t let me.

  2. After being an avid player for several years, I took some time off. I recently decided to come back to grind for this title.
    My current Bloodsail rep is hated. 21k/36k
    While all of my cartel reps are around 8k/21k revered.
    Would it be easier, to finish up my cartel reps to exalted, then kill it and farm bloodsail rep?

    Should I go ahead and farm bloodsail then go back to cartel rep? I’m really not sure the direction I should go here and while I’m still farming junkboxes I figured it would be a great time to ask someone. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

    1. Michael, your reps are similar to someone who has never done any grinding toward Insane, so I don’t see why you would need to do anything unusual. The only thing is that if you quested through the Brashtide Invasion then you won’t be able to grind Bloodsail rep there. But there are other places anyway. See the guides. 🙂

  3. The achievement tracker still does not seem to be accurate in my case. I have ‘Avast Ye, Admiral!’ (achieved in 2010) and previously it did show that I had completed the Bloodsail part. I just noticed today that it’s now showing incomplete.

          1. Sorry, I’ve just read so many different opinions on what is fixed and what isn’t that I’ve gotten more confused about the achievement then I was before I started looking for answers. Thanks again hun! =D

  4. Hey 🙂
    iv’e just started the trip towards this title. i have grindet bloodsail to honored, and begun the ravenholdt rep.
    But i used the tracker macro, and all it says is “Raise your reputation with the areas listed below”. but nothing shows at all.
    when i press it, i enter the achivement log in feast of strenght, but insane dosent show. so cant see any progress in the rep. if i have completed and so on.

    i know it have been working before. several months back, when i tried the tracker but didnt start.
    but do you know if i might get credit now?
    or how can i be sure.

    also hows the situation with the bloodsail honored and exhalted with others at the same time, should i go back and get exhalted with bloodsail to be sure?

  5. Hello awesome blog btw, after long time i decide to gain reputation for insane, which spot is good for 5 people to grind together sw cartel reputation, if it’s possible map location would be awesome…

  6. Hi Raimondas,

    After reading through all of your site and the blue posts, from what I think to be the case is That it does NOT matter what factions you start with. That it tracks the data on the back end even though the tracker for the Insane Achievement is broken at the moment. So if I have all the goblins at exalted and then do the Blood Sail etc. I should receive the Insane Achievement? Sorry if this is redundant, I just wanted to be 100% sure before I work on it anymore.

    Thank you in advance!

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