Insane in the Membrane #5 Complete; Achievement Tracker Still Broken

After Blizzard announced its April 14 hotfix for Insane in the Membrane, I went to run some tests on it with my character which was nearly finished with Insane in the Membrane. Unfortunately, the achievement tracker isn’t registering changes to the criteria for this Feat of Strength.

I noticed something out of the ordinary when I logged into my character which will be Insane #6, and discovered that despite him having Gadgetzan at Exalted, that criterion was not complete in the tracker.


At this point I decided to begin testing. Again.

I logged into Zephan, who was closest to finishing. For testing purposes I’ve been holding his Bloodsail reputation at the end of Friendly during the entire grind. Today when I began, it was 5997/6000 Friendly.


I then killed Fleet Master Seahorn and brought his rep to 3/12000 Honored. As you can see, the achievement tracker did not register the change.


Then I went to kill a Bloodsail mob to bring my reputation back down to Friendly. At this point I returned to 5978/6000 Friendly. Again, the achievement tracker did not update.


At this point I logged out for about 30 minutes, to see if something on the back end would update.


But when I logged back in, nothing had changed.

I then decided to finish Ravenholdt and turned in my last set of junkboxes. With Bloodsail at Friendly, I still got the Feat of Strength.


So it appears that the game is tracking the criteria correctly, but not reflecting it correctly in the achievement tracker. This has been reported and hopefully Blizzard will be able to fix this in less than two more years.

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