Insane Reputation Tracker Still Not Fixed in 5.4.7

While Patch 5.4.7 dropped today, I am sad to report that the long-standing issue with the Insane in the Membrane achievement tracker remains unresolved.

For those of you grinding, I will remind you that you still do not need to keep all reputations at the same time. But you do have to have gotten Bloodsail to at least Honored, and not just Friendly, at some point. If you go this route, you will still need to get a GM’s assistance once you have finished grinding all of your reputations, in order to have the title granted to you.

I did some extensive testing on the achievement tracker in the 5.4.7 PTR in order to try to determine the nature of the problem. This is my methodology and what I discovered:

I enabled the achievement tracker by running /run AddTrackedAchievement(2336).

I brought Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation to Honored in the Brashtide Invasion event. Then I went right outside and made a single cloth turn-in to the Bloodsail Traitor, which reduced my reputation back to Friendly. At this point the tracker still showed that Bloodsail was complete.

I left my reputation at Friendly, logged out, and logged right back in. The achievement tracker still showed it as complete, which originally made me think that the issue had been fixed. (This behavior also demonstrates that it is intended that the reputations not be required at the same time.)

However, I then remained logged out for 30 minutes, and logged back in. The tracker then showed Bloodsail as incomplete again.

To be sure, I then repeated the process with exactly the same results.

This makes me think that a server process that runs well after logout (database consistency check, or something along those lines) is causing the problem.

This should be enough information for Blizzard developers to isolate exactly what code is causing the issue, though I recognize that actually fixing it may be much more complicated. I sincerely hope that this does get fixed before Warlords of Draenor drops; it has already been an issue for too long.

4 thoughts on “Insane Reputation Tracker Still Not Fixed in 5.4.7”

  1. So, don’t give up the fight!:

    Greetings! Game Master Chagtan here, and I hope this letter finds you well!

    After looking over your issue, I have some glorious news for you! Taking the fact that this ahievement is still wonky from patch 5.4, thanks to your shiny achievement “Avast Ye Admiral!”, that’s all the proof we need to verify that you’ve hit Honored with the Bloodsails. 🙂

    HOWEVER, due to circumstances that even we couldn’t forsee, we’ve run into a bug that’s not allowing us to grant you this achievement. >.< Curses!!! But fear not, we're having our specialists look into this case for us, and should have this matter resolved in a little while.

    So take heart! Xeraphim -has- been cleared to get this achievement, but by some crazy twist of fate, we'll need to wait a little while in order to bestow it upon him! I'll be personally e-mailing you once the matter has been resolved, so keep an eye on your inbox! 😉 Congratulations on getting one of the craziest achievements in the game! <3

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