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Just a couple of quick shout outs today as the Darkmoon Faire has just started:

Thank you to Gary in Texas for pointing out an omission in the Darkmoon Faire guide. The guide was missing any mention of Moonfang, who drops Moonfang’s Pelt. This item starts the quest Den Mother’s Demise which can be turned in for 250 reputation once a month.

And a huge thank you to Holygore-Dalaran US who recently got the Insane title and decided to thank me by buying me an Enchanted Fey Dragon. It looks sweet!

And now it’s time to go visit the Faire!

In other news, I should have Insane 5 and 6 finished soon.

Zephan hit Exalted with the Faire last month and has 120 junkboxes waiting to be turned in. The pirate grind should be done in a few more days. And that should finish Insane, and give me a test of whether the annoying achievement tracker bug has been fixed. Zephan gained and lost Bloodsail rep after Patch 5.3, though I am also maintaining his Bloodsail rep at 5990/6000 Friendly, so that I can quickly test whether the tracker bug has been fixed in any future patch. I will be testing the 5.4.7 PTR shortly.

I haven’t touched Eberard at all during MoP and I’ll revisit him this month. I’ll probably have to level him up to 90 and gear him up before I can do much, though, as he’s on a PvP server. He will make an interesting test, as he gained and lost Bloodsail rep during Cataclysm. Other than that his grind is almost complete, with only junkboxes and a short bit of pirate grinding remaining.

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