Hallow’s End 2013 10% Reputation Boost

Starting this Friday, October 18, enjoy two full weeks of 10% bonus reputation during the Hallow’s End world event.

This world holiday runs two weeks from October 18 to 31 each year.

Alliance players should visit the Wickerman outside the front gates of Stormwind and right-click on the bonfire in front of it to receive Unburdened, granting a 10% bonus to reputation for two hours.

Horde players should visit the Wickerman in the Ruins of Lordaeron in Undercity and right-click on the ashes on the ground near it to receive Grim Visage, granting a 10% bonus to reputation for two hours.

The Wickerman only grants its buffs if it is burning. If the opposite faction has put it out, you must relight it yourself by right-clicking on the bonfire in front of it.

If you happen to be in the area, you can also get the opposite buff from the opposite faction’s Wickerman, but be prepared for PvP combat if you do this.

For more reputation bonuses, see my new Reputation Bonuses guide section.

Prepare now for December 1, the one day of this year on which it will be possible to stack your reputation bonuses up to a whopping 64% (54% for non-humans). Stock up on your Heavy Junkboxes or anything else you can do repeated turn-ins for, and get mentally ready to grind pirates like there’s no tomorrow, because it is likely to be at least six years before a day like this comes again. I’ll have further details on this day in a few weeks, and in plenty of time for the big day.

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