Insane in the Membrane No Longer Requires All Reputations Simultaneously

Update: This post is out of date. Please see The “last word” on the Insane in the Membrane hotfix for the latest information.

Today I was able to confirm that Insane in the Membrane no longer requires that all reputations be held simultaneously, a change that was introduced in Patch 5.0.4 and widely regarded to be a bug. As a result, I’ve restored the relevant information to my guides.

However, there are still some gotchas, especially if you were in the middle of a grind.

At some point between Patch 5.1 and 5.2, Blizzard seems to have fixed the achievement so that, as it always did, it no longer requires reputations to be held simultaneously. Players who began the grind during Patch 5.1 and completed it during Patch 5.2 were able to do so without keeping the Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation.

Prior to this fix, prior to and during Patch 5.1 specialist GMs were occasionally granting the feat to people who would otherwise have gotten it. This practice ended by Patch 5.2 and GMs will no longer award the feat, since it should be fixed.

The catch is that if you gained reputation with a faction and then lost it again before the fix, the achievement tracker will have no record that you ever gained the reputation to begin with. You will know if you are affected by this when you run the command /run AddTrackedAchievement(2336) and see criteria marked as incomplete that you actually completed earlier. In this case you are screwed; GMs will not give you partial credit, and since the issue is “fixed,” will no longer award the feat. You’ll have no choice but to grind it again. This is really going to suck for my Insane #5, who is in exactly this situation; I’m looking at a good 20 hours of grinding just for Bloodsail now.

Overall though, this fix is going to be welcome news to most people going for Insane in the Membrane.

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  1. Hi Raimondas I just hit honored with bloodsail yesterday (it got checked off), now today after turning in some cloth and going back to neutral and relogging bloodsail is back in the list and I have to do neutral-honored again, not so bad but still. seems like it’s still bugged

    1. It’s quite possible that it’s still bugged. Though I have seen players actually complete it after having started post-5.1. Without doing a fresh one myself,… I’m not quite ready to grind a fifth Insane, and certainly not in a few days.

  2. Hey, I’m doing Insane for the first time, really appreciate the guide. 5.2 has been out for a while, and I hear 5.3 is dropping in a couple days, so I wanted to check something. I completed Bloodsail to honored, and it was removed from the achievement tracker. I then started cloth turn ins for the Goblins, and it was going fine, until I logged off and back on, and Bloodsail Honored was back on the list. Is this normal and caused by relogging, or is it possibly still bugged? Thanks!

    1. Gye,

      I’ve seen the same reports. Unfortunately due to the way the account-wide achievement stuff works, I can’t test it myself, at least on the live realms. However, I just grinded out Bloodsail Honored on the 5.3 PTR, and then turned in some cloth to go back to Friendly, and it remained completed. So it appears this will be fixed in 5.3.

      I suggest you remain at Honored, and wait to continue this part of the grind until 5.3 is released.

  3. Hey Raimondas, I had a nice, long chat with a GM today about this issue, thought you might like to know. There is a bug, but it is the with tracker display, not with the achievement itself. The GM said that as long as it was checked off initially (which it was), Insane in the Membrane will still be achieved. They also let me know that they WILL grant the achievement if it is earned but doesn’t show up. Hope this info helps 🙂

    1. That’s good to know.

      However, I’ve seen GMs give bad information regarding Insane in the Membrane frequently enough that I personally wouldn’t rely on it. I always personally test these things whenever possible.

      I will try to test this at some point later this week, but since 5.3 is expected in the next few weeks, there’s probably not much point. Of course I’m going to have to get a whole new account just for this…

    2. I can confirm this. I had the exact same responds. What I would suggest to any player is to get in contact with a GM after you’ve reached Honor with the buccaneers. Expressing your worry of the decreasing buccaneer’s Rep. you will most likely get a mail back that looks similar to what I got and what Gye got. this way you can go on with the insane title. And when you don’t get the title at the end you can refer to your email. Blizzard must fix it then. I started my insane title in 5.3 btw. (in case that makes any difference). Good luck you all mentally insane! 😀

  4. I started turning in cloth after gaining honored with Bloodsail and saw it pop back up on my tracker again so I decided to open a ticket:


    Yesterday I started my grinding for the Achievement Insane in the Membrane and after reading up on it I found out that since patch 5,1 you no longer need to have all the reputations at the same time.
    And so I started turning in cloth to the Bloodsail Traitor but now I see that becoming Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers is again required for me to complete the achievement.
    Has the requirement to have all the reputations at once been reverted or is this a bug?

    Best regards,

    “Greetings Imphera!

    Unfortunately you were offline when I tried to contact you.

    The mechanic for Insane in the Membrane was not changed and if you had honored status with Bloodsail before, it will count towards the achievement when you will become Exalted with the goblin cities.

    I hope that this has resolved your issue 🙂

    Good luck on your progress in Patch 5.2: The Thunder King!

    If you need a reminder of this or any other message from us, you can find it in your account in your ticket history.

    Best Regards

    GM Risnegistus”

    So as long as he’s right you don’t need to worry about it popping back up on your tracker if you start to turn in cloth.

  5. I spoke to a GM today and it is bugged. What happened was I grinded to honored with Bloodsail and I ran the /run AddTrackedAchievement(2336) which showed i got credit for getting to honored but after turning in cloth for Booty Bay rep Bloodsail popped back up on my tracker as not completed. Submitted a ticket and was told to go ahead and complete the rest of the achievement then to submit another ticket and I would be good. There is no way to get credit for honored with Bloodsail atm. GM said they are working on fixing it.

  6. Has there been any changes to this achieve in 5.3? I currently have honored with BSB and a lot of cloth I’d like to turn in but i’m a bit hesitant. I dont want to tank my bsb rep only to find out i needed them all at the same time.

        1. I was Revered in 5.2 with BSB. Turned a few cloth quest today, saw that it got unchecked in the achie tracker and grinded it back to Honored a few hours ago. I got a responce from a GM though. Can send screens if you want 🙂
          “The achievement should trigger once you hit the 4th one, even if it untags after completion”

  7. Opened a ticket 2 weeks ago.

    “…but I want to know before I spend 20+ hours – once again – is it required to be Honored/Exalted at the same time, and if not, can I count on being awarded the title by any means (in-game or by GM) even if I do not get it automatically in the game, by not being Honored/Exalted at the same moment? Or should I regrind reputation back to Honored, and try to keep it that way?”

    “…Thank you for the ticket, I can confirm that if you got to honored and got the bloodsail achievement that is enough to verify that you had the the right rep for bloodsail and we can grant you the achievement

    I hope this has been helpful, and should you ever need help in future, feel free to make another ticket and I will do my best to be the one that replies 🙂 …”

    He better be right, or I’ll be very mad. I’ve got the boxes, got Goblins up (Bloodsail tracker is UNTICKED for me), and now waiting for Darkmoon faire (probably will have to wait for another one)

  8. Please humor a noob to this Achievement. If I have never reached any of the required reputations with any of the factions, in what order should I work through these rep grinds? Thanks in advance for your time and input.

  9. Hey mate, first of all thanks for the guides, I appreciate them!

    Today I finished my Steamwheedle grind, after I got exalted with ravenholdt, darkmoon and honored with Bloodsail! I didn’t get the achievement though, with the macro Bloodsail is on the list again, it has been off. Made a ticket, no reply yet.

    This is of patch 5.4.1 (December 7th 2013)

    Good luck!


    1. Same problem here.. i did like this and did not achiev it:

      1 – Exalted with Darkmoon Faire
      2 – Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers
      3 – Exalted with the Cartel
      4 – Exalted with Ravenholdt

      I believe that it is NOT A BUG. The title for the achievement is ‘THE INSANE’, you must do insane stuff to make it work now.. i have a friend that actually did this achievement now on 5.4.1, the did the backwards process to what regards Buccaneers and the Cartel (first hit Exalted with the Cartel, so you award the achievement “exalted with ‘faction'”, and the progress on Insane in the Membrane is confirmed, and then, just after getting the whole Cartel to exalted, he start grinding the Buccaneers rep..

      I have sent a ticket to a GM and on the reply he said that people must find out how to do the achievment. I believe that nowadays that’s the only way ever possible to do it..

      Note that you doing if, after all done you will be hated with the Cartel and need to grind the rep all over again if you want do acess the cities they control.

      Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.
      Hope i could help it.. and let’s go grind it all over again on another character =x haha

      Good luck to you all!!

  10. Achievement bugged for me on 2nd january 2014. Just finished the ravenholdt rep , turned everything in and nothing happened. I had everything else farmed to the level it needed to be farmed. I started with darkmoon faire, then the goblin factions in the summer of 2013. I got them all to exalted. I contacted 2 different gms to properly have proof that i indeed got them to where they were supposed to be , and then when i got the “ready to go” from them i did the bloodsail rep. After that ravenholdt.
    When i track the achievement , it appears that i still need the goblin factions.
    Just posted a ticket , waiting for a response. 4 days and 12 hours que , bugged achievement . Thank you blizzard , you deserve the monthly subscription money.

    1. achievement was granted to me by a gm . They said they could track my account and they noticed that i was right . Hopefully they can do the same to people who were bugged as well.

  11. Hello,

    So,I have reached honored with bsc by doing the booty bay invasion phase.Now I am grinding cartel and ofc the tracker after logoff has bugged.It shows that I havent had honored with bsc.As I have read many forums about this,maybe all the forums there is about this…people say that the tracker is bugged and only shows the current reps(keep in mind that I used 3 trackers->Overachiever add,and 2 scripts which you know,and all bugged).And people say that if i ahd honored with bsc,im still gona get the FoS cuz the progress is send to the database not for us to reach.But as i am reading 5.4.2 patch comments,people still not getting the fos even if they had honored with bsc or exalted with cartel and decreased it while inscreasing the other rep.So I dont even know what to ask anymore,should I continue?Will I really get the achiev?Send a ticket to GM bout the tracker bug and the thing that people later dont get the fos,see what il get in respond.
    So ye….this fos is truly insane in many ways..

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