Boost Your Reputation Grind Up to 18% This Week

It’s time to kick your reputation grinds into high gear again for the next two weeks, with WoW’s 8th Anniversary and Pilgrim’s Bounty on hand.

Both events began early this morning. Pilgrim’s Bounty runs for the entire week, ending next Sunday the 25th, while WoW’s 8th Anniversary runs for two weeks, ending December 2. Check your in-game calendar for exact start and end times.

Check your mail today and pick up your Celebration Package, a non-consumable item which grants you an 8% increase to your experience and reputation for an hour each time you use it. Once the anniversary event ends, the item will disappear from your bags the next time you log out, use a portal, or cross a continent or cross-realm zone boundary.

And for Pilgrim’s Bounty, get The Spirit of Sharing at any harvest table throughout Azeroth for a 10% boost to reputation for one hour. To get the buff, stuff yourself with each of the five foods at the table. You can find tables in many towns, including all of the important goblin towns near where you will be grinding reputation for Insane in the Membrane.

Now get out there and grind!

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