All Reputations Now Required Simultaneously

Update: This post is out of date. Please see The “last word” on the Insane in the Membrane hotfix for the latest information.

Many people wrote in over the past few weeks to report that their progress toward Insane in the Membrane was stymied. When they gained Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers, it showed as achieved on the achievement tracker, but when they lost the reputation it disappeared again.

Beginning with Patch 5.0.4, gaining Insane in the Membrane now requires that all reputations be held simultaneously. This means that once you gain at least Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers, you can no longer lose it until you complete the Feat of Strength, or your progress will be lost.

When Insane was first introduced in Patch 3.1.0, it did not require the reputations be held simultaneously; one could gain the reputation and then lose it later, and it would still count. This is no longer possible.

There is an exception, though; if you obtained the achievement progress in your tracker prior to 5.0.4, and don’t subsequently lose them through reputation changes, then you may be able to keep them and not have to redo those reputations. Don’t count on this working for you, though; it covers only the fairly narrow circumstance of having obtained progress credit for Bloodsail (and possibly Booty Bay) before 5.0.4. However, going forward, you may be hit by this, especially if you are starting for the first time.

My Insane in the Membrane guides have all been updated to reflect this change. Further changes may be forthcoming as I revalidate various bits of information that might have also changed, but since the feat is now awarded account-wide I will be much more reliant on my readers to report errors and changes. Please keep the emails coming!

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  1. I just thought I would let you guys know what Blizzard told me today regarding this achieve.


    I’ve gotten your ticket regarding finding some information about the Insane in the Membrane achievement. As the information you are requesting may be considered a game hint, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go into much detail regarding this, but I’ll provide you what information I can!

    At this time, there are some issues with the tracking for the achievement, and our developers are looking into what may be causing this, and how it may be fixed. Please note that the intended functionality is that the reputations do not need to be held at the same time.

    Unfortunately, however, the Game Master staff are not developers, and we do not have insight into the progress of any possible fixes, As such, I’m afraid that we do not have any more information available to us to provide.

    I understand this might not be all the information you were looking for, but fear not! There are many wonderful resources that may yet have the information you seek! The most expansive resource is definitely your fellow players, and as such I definitely suggest checking out, and even posting in, our forums, which can be found at <>

    I also highly recommend well known and reputable fansites, such as Wowhead or Wowpedia. While not always 100% accurate, the information you can find between their displays and comments from other players is amazing, and even I use them on a regular basis!

    I hope these resources fare well for you on your quest for information!

    Best wishes,
    Game Master
    Customer Services
    Blizzard Entertainment

  2. Just got a reply to my ticket this afternoon…
    My first question was re: DMF since I’m exalted on a different toon didn’t know if I had to be exalted on the character I’m going for Insane on. Second question was regarding holding Honored Bloodsail at the same time as Exalted Steemwheedle…

    This is the latest response from Customer Support:

    So, to answer your first question, yes, you will need to obtain the needed reputation with the Darkmoon Faire to obtain the meta on that particular character. Unless the achievement specifically states that it is shared on the, then each individual character will be required to get the achievements that make up the parent.

    Regarding your second question. You should not have to hold the reputations together. Once you hit honored with the Bloodsail, it should stay honored as you have obtained that achievement. You can then work on your booty bay / steamweedle cartel reputation.

    If you have any further problems regarding this issue you can click on the “Need More Help” button. If you need no further help you can click on the “Message Read” button which will close out the ticket.


    Game Master
    Blizzard Entertainment

  3. I reached honored with Bloodsail this morning, I was previously exalted with all 4 goblin factions and I got the Insane achievement so holding the reputation at the same time doesn’t appear to be necessary

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