Insane in the Membrane is Now Account-Wide

With today’s release of World of Warcraft Patch 5.0.4, the Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength is now account-wide and its title benefit is available to all characters on your account, if you have ever completed Insane in the Membrane on any character.

However, for those of you who aren’t finished yet, you must complete all of the requirements on a single character; you can’t grind one reputation to Exalted on one character and a different reputation on another.

On one hand I’m liking this, since I can now have the title on every character, even the new level 1 Pandaren I’ll be creating next month.

At the same time I feel it diminished the effort I (and several others) put in to grinding Insane in the Membrane on several different characters prior to Mists of Pandaria. Achieving this twice during Wrath was a significant feat, and twice more during Cataclysm was nothing to sneeze at. I’d almost finished number five when this change came down. Now it seems I don’t have to.

Thanks again Blizzard for yet another nerf.

18 thoughts on “Insane in the Membrane is Now Account-Wide”

  1. I had mixed reactions with the ach going acc-wide… Ofc, I get to flash it on all my toons… But I only have one main 85, second highest being my lvl 65 rogue I lvled to farm boxes…

    I would have liked it more had this been on single charc only… Somehow, it feels diluted now…

  2. Hi! Sent you an email and tweeted at you while your site was down but never got any reply.

    I’m currently 2000/21000 reverred into Steamweedle. I went intense and got Exalted with Bloodsail also.

    Now i’m trying to clarify, can i stop farming the Tanaris pirates? Can I just finish the exalted by doing quests?

  3. still, can you confirm, do you know if there’s enough quests to take me to exalted from 2000/21000 reverred?

    tonight i made 10,000/21,000

    just tired of this and i get sleepy. i also went exalted with bloodsail

  4. Hi, i read your guide and i have a question. If you can solve my doubt i appreciate very much.
    Today i started with the Insane achievement, BSB was the first rep to grind and i got honored. I had tracked the achiv before and when i got honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers this part listed when you’re tracking the achievement has gone (ok, it’s like i’ve had accomplished this first requisite and i actually had) but when i started raising the rep with Steamwheedle Cartel and consequently losing my BSB rep this requisit turned back as a listed requisite for the achievement. Is it really this way or do I have to raise my BSB rep again to honored? I know you said the it isn’t needed but I’m worried with the achievement track. I got all day grinding my rep with BSB.

  5. Same problem on EU servers. Grinded BSB to honored, checked achievement with script. Then started to raise Booty Bay again, BSB dropped to friendly, checked again via script… credit for reaching honored was gone.

    I wrote a ticket like 2 days ago, but no answer yet.

  6. I can painfully personally confirm that the achievement appears to require all components held *simultaneously*. I noticed my the honored Bloodsail portion appeared to revert to unachieved after starting cloth turn-ins with the Steamwheedle Cartel. I hoped this was merely a bug with the tracker, but now with all four Cartel reps at Exalted and no Insane title, this appears not to be the case. Based on Balike’s experience, I think you need to be Bloodsail honored at the same time as Steamwheedle exalted. This should be spread to all the info sites so people don’t actually go insane after not getting the title. (I’ve already passed through the stages of grief to acceptance that I won’t try for this title again.) This might be a hypothetical “fix” for meta-achievements, so that you can’t get honored Bloodsail on one character for it to count for the Insane achievement on a different character.

    GMs are useless with respect to this, don’t bother asking them.

  7. hi i was wondering because all the toons can get a title even if they didn’t do it (insane in the membrane) if one of my toons has exalted in darkmoon farie & the other has honored with bloodsail & i have one more that has exalted with all of steamwheeld cart i just need ravenholdt will that count towards the titleeven if itsd on different toons

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