Adventurer’s Journal and Captured Insignia Bugged

If you’re planning to attend this month’s Darkmoon Faire, watch out for a bug which will decrease the amount of reputation and prize tickets you’ll be able to earn.

As you are probably aware, players can turn in various artifacts found in dungeons and battlegrounds for reputation and prize tickets. Each of these turn-ins is meant to reset monthly. However, two of them did not reset this month.

Adventurer’s Journal and Captured Insignia cannot currently be turned in if you turned them in last month.

There is already a bug report on the official forums and hopefully this will be hotfixed prior to the end of this month’s Faire.

Fortunately this won’t affect my ability to finish Insane #4; I’m still on track to have it done by the end of this week.

In the meantime, have a happy new year and enjoy the rest of the Darkmoon Faire!

Update: Blizzard has acknowledged the issue, but has not yet provided a timeframe for a fix.

Posted by Kaivax

We are aware of issues affecting the Darkmoon Faire, which began again today, particularly regarding monthly quests and some related achievements.

Our teams are investigating the issue and would like to assure you that we are working hard to solve the issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing.

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