Two New Ravenholdt Videos

In preparation for Patch 4.3 I’ve made two new videos for those of you farming Heavy Junkboxes for Ravenholdt reputation.

If youre farming junkboxes, I strongly recommend you use the Glyph of Pick Pocket and the Glyph of Ambush, both of which extend the range of these two abilities significantly. This will let you pick pockets from a safe range, as well as more easily put down any mobs that you might need to put down (such as certain ogres).

These are also my first 1080p videos and I think they look pretty good in HD, even if YouTube is still screwing up the first 10 seconds of everything I upload. Try them in fullscreen HD if you have a monitor capable of it.

The first video shows the new hotness of the Blackrock Stronghold farming spot. With over 100 mobs just standing there waiting to be robbed blind, it’s a rogue’s heaven. The only down side to this area is that you will pickpocket for five minutes and then wait another five minutes for pockets to refill. Though that also means you can alt-tab out and check email or watch Japanese prank videos or something.

The second video is for the second great farming spot, Lower Blackrock Spire. While it was nerfed a bit with Cataclysm, it is still a great farming spot, especially on PvP servers where a much higher level opposite faction rogue is pickpocketing the Blackrock Stronghold (as happened to me several times; hello Reys). The farming in here is mostly continuous with only one good stopping point near the end boss.

I’m putting the final touches on my new Patch 4.3 guides and will have them published on Tuesday!

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