Insane in the Membrane x3, at Level 50

Yes, I’ve done it three times. I picked up the last 135 Heavy Junkboxes today, and why is it always Ravenholdt to end the grind? And was it really nerfed if this grind took almost twice as long as before the Cataclysm?

With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the Shen’dralar faction was removed from the game. This was one of the original eight factions required for the Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength, and earning it was a mix of long grinding sessions looking for random drops and spending tens of thousands of gold. The worst of both worlds. So when the faction disappeared (for lore reasons) many people claimed that Insane in the Membrane had been nerfed.

Insane in the Membrane NerfedInsane in the Membrane was supposedly at the point where even bank alts could obtain it, as this image found on the Internet indicates. I had a level 12 bank alt, so I figured why not? I started in mid-March, though, so it took five months of occasional grinding to complete.

I learned a few new things about the grind along the way, too.

The most important thing I learned is that killing large numbers of mobs goes much faster if you group up with other players. With Cataclysm, Blizzard introduced a system which causes mobs to respawn faster when more players are in an area killing them. This means that three players killing pirates in a group can earn reputation more than three times as fast as if they were going solo. It’s worth your time to try to find a group, even if it’s just one other person, when you need to do these parts of the grind.

I also learned that in many places the number of mobs in the area had been reduced (especially in dungeons) which makes all of the grinds much longer. Again, grouping with another player helps a lot, though this can’t be done when farming junkboxes.

Insane in the MembraneWhy level 50, though? As it turns out, 50 is the minimum level at which you can obtain the Ravenholdt reputation requirement, as the repeatable quest Junkboxes Needed requires level 50. Darkmoon Faire can be obtained at level 1. The rest of the reputations can also be achieved at level 1 if someone is carrying you (be in group, on /follow as a ghost), but require level 30 or so if you don’t have anyone willing to do so. Interestingly, the Bloodsail Buccaneers Feat of Strength, Avast Ye, Admiral!, requires level 55 (and likely a couple of 85s to carry you).

I think my insane bank alt looks damn good.

Bankalt the InsaneMy insane characters now include: Raimondas the Insane, Lestalis the Insane and now Alciden the Insane. I suppose now that everyone knows who my bank alt is, it’s time for a name change…

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