Farming Ravenholdt Reputation Post-Cataclysm

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The Cataclysm has brought many changes to the World of Warcraft. If you’ve been out to Durnholde Keep lately, you’ve certainly noticed that the Syndicate is missing entirely, and the keep is full of nasty elementals. Now how do you get Ravenholdt reputation to complete your Insane in the Membrane grind?

As you’re probably aware by now, there are only two ways to get Ravenholdt reputation: Kill Syndicate mobs up to Revered, and turn in Heavy Junkboxes. But, if you’ve traveled around the world much since the Shattering, you’ll certainly have noticed that the Forsaken have destroyed Southshore, Hillsbrad is now firmly in Horde control, and most of the Syndicate have just about vanished.

While there will never be a spot as good as Durnholde Keep for farming Syndicate reputation to Revered, there are a couple of spots left which are almost as good, and both are not far away in Arathi Highlands. The down side is that they also have a lot of low level player traffic due to quest objectives, but if you’re smart you can use this to your advantage.

One of the two largest groups of Syndicate mobs left is the group in Stromgarde Keep. These are relatively easy to clear out in just a few minutes, even with the constant line of sight issues. But, they’re relatively easy to clear out quickly, so by the time you get to the end they may not have respawned. Moreover, there are likely to be low level players of both factions questing in this area. That makes it helpful that there are two farming spots to alternate.

And today I’ve got two videos for you. Check out farming Stromgarde Keep. The video should illustrate the line of sight issues fairly well. A single run of this path got me 270 reputation (297 with guild perk).


Note that Marez Cowl, Otto and Lord Falconcrest do not grant any reputation, so you can safely skip them. Low level players who are questing in the area will thank you for leaving them up, as they are quest objectives.

Once you’ve cleared out Stromgarde Keep, head north to Northfold Manor. There are nearly as many mobs here as at Stromgarde, but far fewer line of sight issues. Many of these mobs are stealthed; these mobs can be found around the perimeter of the farm and on the road leading in. Start from the big rock and work your way around. A single run of this path got me 210 reputation (231 with guild perk).


It’s not likely that the mobs in one of these two areas will be respawning by the time you clear it out, so alternate between one and the other and you should always have mobs to kill, even if other players are around. (And don’t ask me how I managed to keep the area clear of players while making these videos.)

Killing Syndicate mobs will only grant reputation up to 11999/12000 Honored. To go any farther, you will need to break out a rogue alt or hire a rogue to farm Heavy Junkboxes. With no reputation bonus, you will need 281 turn-ins, 1405 junkboxes, to get to Exalted. With a 10% bonus (level 12 guild or human) you need 255 turn-ins, or 1275 junkboxes. And with a 20% bonus (level 12 guild and human) you need 234 turn-ins, or 1170 junkboxes.

The problem is that with Cataclysm, most of the areas for farming junkboxes have disappeared or have been nerfed. The best option is still Lower Blackrock Spire; however, if you’ve been there before the first thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot fewer trash mobs. That means less pickpocketing per run. When I went through this weekend, it took me three clears back and forth to get 60 junkboxes, and that took just under an hour. Before, it was possible to get twice that amount.

All in all, the grind for Ravenholdt has gotten harder, as have the other grinds, to make up for the removal of Shen’dralar. Still it can be done with persistence, as long as you qualify for the title by being completely out of your mind.

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