When Should You Restart Your Insane in the Membrane Grind?

I was almost done with Insane in the Membrane on a second character when World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was released, and like most of you, I stopped in order to play the new content. Now I’ve leveled my main to 85, most of my alts are 84+, and I have one high level archaeologist. But today is special. Today is the day many of you will get a significant boost to your grind.

What’s going on today, of all days?

If you’re in a high population or very active guild which has maxed out its experience gain every day, then today is the day your guild will reach level 12. When that happens, everyone in your guild will receive the perk Mr. Popularity (Rank 2) which increases your reputation gains by 10%. (Rank 1 is given at guild level 4, so virtually everyone should have it by now.)

This means instead of 150 reputation you’ll get 165. (If you’re a human, you already have a 10% bonus, and the guild perk bonus is added to it, for 150 + 15 + 15 = 180.) Everything that grants reputation, from quests to cloth turn-ins to mob kills, gets the bonus.

That’s a lot fewer Darkmoon Faire decks to turn in. Fewer mobs to kill for the goblins. The only reputation I have left to get is Ravenholdt, and it’s a lot fewer junkboxes to farm.

So, the time to resume your Insane in the Membrane grind is tonight, just after your guild hits level 12.

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