The Shattering changes Insane in the Membrane forever

Deathwing has taken to the skies and the Cataclysm has forever altered the World of Warcraft. Also altered is the Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength. While the Feat remains in game, some of the things you will need to do to achieve it have changed.

I spent several hours last night touring Azeroth to see what changes you will need to make to your grind in order to complete this Feat, and this is what I found:

First and most notable is the removal of the Shen’dralar requirement which took effect yesterday. This means no more buying overpriced librams and Pristine Black Diamonds.

Second, there’s no further need to go to Dire Maul. Knot Thimblejack no longer grants any Steamwheedle Cartel reputation for his Gordok Ogre Suit quests, and the Gordok Shackle Key no longer drops at all. Amusingly, the repeatable version of the ogre suit quest still makes reference to the key; however, it and the Free Knot! quest have been removed from the game.

The only way to get your goblin reputation now is to kill mobs and complete quests. And, perhaps to make up for removing the lengthy and expensive Shen’dralar reputation, there are a lot fewer mobs to kill:

  • In Tanaris, no mobs remain which grant reputation; they have all been wiped out by the ocean flooding in. The Southsea pirates who remain offshore do not grant any reputation when killed.
  • In Northern Barrens, the area in which the pirates used to live is now a Horde questing area filled with Theramore quest mobs. The few remaining pirates have been forced out onto Fray Island, to the southeast of Ratchet.
  • In Stranglethorn Vale, Bloodsail pirates continue to grant reputation, as do Venture Co. goblins in Northern Stranglethorn. Due to the Sundering of this zone you will want to fly to Rebel Camp or Grom’gol Base Camp to cross from one to the other.

Each of the four goblin towns has a few new quests which can be completed for reputation gains as well. This is advisable because it’s much faster to get reputation from a quest than by killing pirates by the hundreds. If you’re attempting to keep your Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation, first you really are crazy, and second, you can safely do all of the quests except those in Booty Bay; only those quests would lower your reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Speaking of quests, in Feralas, Zorbin Fandazzle has been forced up the hill by the night elves taking over the beach due to the ongoing Battle for Feathermoon. He’s now at the top of the hill beside the path leading north to Desolace. The fool goblin is still trying to set up shop in the middle of nowhere. And he has two quests, Still With The Zapped Giants and Even More Fuel for the Zapping. Each grants 350 reputation with all four goblin factions (no loss to Bloodsail) but neither is repeatable. Horde players may have trouble getting down to the beach to complete the quest objectives without drawing the attention of Feathermoon Stronghold guards.

Early reports that Ravenholdt could not be completed were based on inaccurate information from Wowhead stating that the Junkboxes Needed quest had been removed from the game. This is not true; the quest is still in game and works properly, and Ravenholdt still can be completed. Keep in mind that mobs in dungeons which have been retuned, such as Dire Maul, will no longer yield the Heavy Junkboxes when pickpocketed. Lower Blackrock Spire is still the best farming spot.

However, Ravenholdt has gotten harder, as most of the Syndicate mobs which grant reputation are no longer to be found in Hillsbrad. Durnholde Keep is empty of Syndicate and has been overrun with elementals. This means the most reliable way to grind from neutral to exalted is solely with Heavy Junkboxes, which will approximately double the amount of junkboxes needed (2805; for humans 2550).

On balance, I don’t think the overall difficulty of the Feat has changed that much. Sure, Shen’dralar was annoying and expensive. The expensive part has gone (it remains for Darkmoon Faire, of course) but the annoying grind is even more annoying with the only way to get goblin reputation being to kill mobs. Anyone who gets their title post-Cataclysm, I think, still deserves it. Good luck!

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